Students looking to spend a few hours in cosy cafes must check out these places from the list

Colo Coffee

Nestled in Al Quoz, this quaint spot boasts aesthetic decor that’s Instagram-worthy, and its wallet-friendly menu. Colo Coffee is a hidden gem in the city with mini-coffees priced at around Dh9 and full-sized ones at Dh11. Paired with a variety of eateries available for about Dh15, it’s a cosy haven for both the gram and your budget.

Choco Monarch

Located in Al Ghurair Mall, this establishment is a student favourite, offering a tempting menu with student-friendly prices and a haven of chocolate desserts. From crepes and ice creams to waffles, every dish is immersed in milky chocolate, wafting its sweet scent from afar and ensuring your return. With coffees priced from Dh10 onwards, Chocolate Monarch is a delightful treat. Keep an eye out on their social media platforms for weekly student offers, allowing you to indulge in sweet delights at an even sweeter deal.

FiLLi Cafe

In flavours, FiLLi stands tall as the global trendsetter, celebrated for its iconic Signature Zafran Tea. With a commitment to providing a warm and inviting space for work and friendly conversations, FiLLi has crafted a unique journey. At FiLLi Cafe, indulge in a delightful array of sandwiches, salads, snacks, wraps, and drinks. The tea menu, catering to every palate, steals the spotlight. Embrace the digital stamp loyalty program, earning rewards with every purchase of five signature drinks at FiLLi UAE stores—an irresistible offer for tea and coffee enthusiasts. Starting at Dh6, their tea and coffee aren’t just beverages but experiences in misty cups.


Smoqoholic, the ultimate all-rounder restaurant and café, is undeniably the go-to spot for an affordable night out in Dubai. With eccentric interiors setting a lively mood, the café goes beyond the norm, offering a range of entertainment options for patrons. From Shisha and TV to board games and live music, diners can bask in the diverse amenities while relishing the to-die-for menu. Embarking on an experience at Smoqoholic is unparalleled, thanks to their exceptionally reasonable pricing.


Carefully crafted from a closely guarded secret recipe, Cinnabon World Famous Cinnabon Rolls feature premium Indonesian cinnamon ‘Makara’ and a lavish topping of sweet, indulgent, cream cheese-based frosting. Each bite delivers an unmatched freshness and flavour, distinguishing them from the rest. Cinnabon’s commitment to innovation shines through with offerings like the chocolate centre of the roll and Minibon Dulce de Leche. Vibrant outlets tailored to unique environments elevate the Cinnabon experience beyond the ordinary. Moreover, their wallet-friendly menu allows you to savour their delectable treats without denting your pocket.

Dark Door

While Dark Door Speciality Cafe, with branches both in Dubai and Sharjah, is a bit pricier compared to others on the list, it stands out as an artisanal fine coffee shop, offering a premium selection of exceptional coffee, fresh pastries, and breakfast delights. Nestled in a vibrant, airy, attractive, and clean environment, the café caters to discerning tastes. For enthusiasts of flavoured coffees, the special Affogato, priced at Dh26, promises a delightful treat for the taste buds.

The Bhukkad Cafe

The Bhukkad Cafe resonates with nostalgia on every page of its menu, where each dish carries a special significance and draws inspiration from the bustling streets of India. The walls adorned with nostalgic wall art and seating upholstered create an immersive experience. The menu represents Mumbai with Chowpatty Wali Pav Bhaji & Mithibai Grilled Sandwich, among other unique creations. Exploring the Iranian community of India’s flavours, it offers Bun Maska & Chai and Keema Pav. Chandni Chowk Tikki Chaat & Fateh ki Kachori add a touch of nostalgia from thousands of miles away, bringing the essence of India to your plate.

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