Qatar – The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) will present an in-depth look at one of the most important topics of today, the metaverse, at its seventh exhibition, MetaWhat?, which will run from August 23 to December 7.

This presentation explores the pitfalls and opportunities of an ever-changing digital media landscape that has yet to be fully realised. It unpacks, from the perspectives of the Global South, what this new technology might mean for the world as we know it and how users can craft their own virtual worlds, reimagining new ideals outside the rigid structures imposed by the West.

Jack Thomas Taylor, interim director at The Media Majlis and curator of the exhibition, said: “It cannot be denied that the pandemic impacted everything we know. One fundamental change was the way in which we communicate and, to that end, how much we appreciate communication. Our fall 2023 exhibition explores how the metaverse is shaping, changing, and evolving how we communicate. From avatars to value, and opinions to virtual land ownership, the themes of this exhibition reveal a deeper understanding of what is—and could be—the new generation of media and entertainment, and fosters an appreciation of what the metaverse can bring to people’s lives.”

This multi-faceted exhibition takes the audience on a journey through today’s digital landscape across five thematic installations, including MetaWorld, which unpacks the seven distinct layers that make up the metaverse, representing different phases that work together to create a holistic experience for users. Another installation, MetaPurse, is where the audience can gain knowledge about what they will need in their ‘purse’ to navigate the metaverse and how we will begin to communicate differently.

Also among the installations is MetaCreate, where visitors are encouraged to participate, build and create in a dedicated space, from playing Fortnite to learning how to (low)code, and MetaExperience, a captivating data visualisation that offers a glimpse of the growth and development of virtual land sales.

Source : Zawya

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