Wat Kuen ‘Big Tu-Thaksin’ Battle For Government Establishment

Last weekend, both “Uncle Tu”, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense as the chairman of the political party guideline and strategy committee The Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTSC) took to the stage to give a speech at the birthplace of Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Open the door to Isaan, release orders  “Do it, do it, do it, continue”  and open a policy to sell big dreams, including  “Welfare Plus Card”  for people with low incomes of 1,000 baht per month.

It also injects money “Adjust the old age allowance” from the ladder Get more bluffs to 1,000 baht per month and continue the project half of each person. And we travel together in part 2, continue with 100 free tuition scholarships per profession, while in the labor sector and civil servants in trouble, 30% of their insurance can be used first As for self-employed Enter the universal social security system, including increasing subsidies for the cost of rice planting. From what used to be 700 baht per rai to 2,000 baht per rai, 5 rai per family, in order to keep up with the rising cost of production, the trend  “Uncle Tu”  made a strong move at the end of the year. Chair battle  “Leader of the country” this time it drips. It is known that Korat Is the birthplace of  “Prime Minister Uncle Tu”,   the son of Isaan, Grandma Mo, because he was born in Nakhon Ratchasima Province and has a mother in Chaiyaphum Province who intends to sell his life  “Authentic Isaan child”Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party therefore chose to open the speech stage at Korat ready to launch candidates for MPs of all 132 party districts in the northeastern region, along with bringing various works that General Prayut has been created during the past 8 years to present 

On the other side, “Phuea Thai Camp”  sells the hometown of “Mr. Dubai”  Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister in Chiang Mai, carrying  “head of the Pheu Thai family” Ung Ing-Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra  “Um Thong”,  water patrol, land patrol, spinning the  “land slide”  trend on tour in the north opened a speech in Chiang Rai Province, where the northern region is considered one of the politically important strategic points of the Pheu Thai Party. in the past to the present No party has ever been able to penetrate even one heart box. 

Therefore, it is considered that both stages “Eastern-Northern Region”  has a political meaning. as if setting up a stage for a competition for political hope But it seems that the Korat stage of the  “Uncle Tu” party is not as bright as the stage in Chumphon province. The same is true if the Pheu Thai Party Speech in the southern area The current is not as hot as the northeastern area. Or maybe look at it in another way, competing on the stage of both parties at the weekend as a  “stealing scene”  among themselves so that neither party One party definitely occupies the news space. 

However, if considering the overall picture The final political trend may be left with “two poles” as before, between “aes” or “no Thaksin” and the other side, “aes” or “no Prayut”. Prepare to explore political trends across the country again. because I do not know how much the popularity of each party will increase But the more difficult thing is How to speed up and how to make your own poles successfully form this round of government?

Source : Daily News

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