NEW YORK: Kuwait affirmed exerting more efforts to achieve development in different fields for all categories of society. The remarks were made by the third secretary of Kuwait’s permanent delegation to the UN, Wafiqa Al-Mulla, during her speech at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in front of the UN’s Third Committee on Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Issues on Saturday. Al-Mulla called for international cooperation to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals for 2030.

She also called for further efforts to help communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, she noted that Kuwait has the priority of easing the lives of the elderly by providing social insurance services and healthcare for retired people.

Kuwait also issued law number 18/2016, which includes providing shelter for the elderly and providing them with the priority to finish their governmental documents first. Kuwait is committed to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and is working on enabling them to engage in society as part of the Kuwait Vision 2035 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, she said.

As for the report of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the implementation of the objectives of the International Year of the Family and its follow-up processes, Al-Mulla affirmed that Kuwait’s constitution ensures the protection of family structure as a main factor in building a good society. In 2011, Kuwait issued a general aid law for families in need, especially those of divorced women, widows, prisoners, and housewives, she noted.- KUNA

Source : Kuwait Times

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