KHF: 4,500 Heart Attacks in Kuwait in Last 7 Months

A number of 4,500 cases of heart attacks were registered in Kuwait the last seven months, which highlighted the need for better measures to counter this ailment in the country, said an official at the Kuwait Heart Foundation on Thursday.

This came in a statement to KUNA by Dr. Mohammad Zubaid — President of Gulf Health Association (GHA) and member of the Board of Directors of KHF — following the opening of the 15th GHA meeting, in collaboration with KHF.

He pointed out that 20 percent of stroke patients came to hospitals in ambulances, compared to 90 percent in European countries, which affected the speed of treatment and highlighted the need to intensify campaigns to spread the awareness in dealing with heart attacks.

He added that because heart disease was a major cause of death locally and internationally, Kuwait has worked over the past 15 years to provide all medications for heart and chronic diseases in all of its facilities, including primary health care centers and public hospitals.

Dr. Zubaid has also revealed that one of Kuwait’s achievements was a heart transplant operation, which had been performed in Kuwait this year and another last year.

On the conference, Dr. Zubaid pointed out that it included participants from several countries, affirming that the event would enable doctors in the region to meet and discuss diseases specific to the region.

He stressed that the GHA, which was established 21 years ago, had provided valuable services throughout its existence, noting that it encouraged scientific research related to heart diseases, enabling and supporting doctors to conduct their medical investigations.

He mentioned that GHA cooperated with the European Heart Association, the American Heart Association, and the World Heart Association, adding that this cooperation recently resulted in enabling cardiologists working in the Gulf to take the European Association’s cardiology exam, which would have a significant impact in opening the way for doctors to obtain prestigious and recognized certificates.

On his part, Secretary General of KHF, Dr. Rashed Al-Owaish stated that, since its establishment in 1982, KHF has been keen to spread awareness and knowledge among people about the importance of heart health check and avoiding everything that leads to heart disease.

In addition to its awareness campaigns, it conducted field tests for people through the mobile unit, which is provided with all specialized medical supplies and doctors, indicated Dr. Al-Owaish.

He stressed that the foundation would continue to carry out its role and responsibilities as part of Kuwait’s commitment to the international community and work to achieve global goals and objectives for sustainable development.

Source : Zawya

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