The President of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, Mahdi Al-Mashat, said on Sunday that the arsenal of missiles held by the Houthis is “capable of striking any target in any city within the countries of the aggression [Saudi-led] coalition from [any point] in Yemen.”

Al-Mashat made his comment during on Sunday at a meeting in the coastal governorate of Al-Hodeidah in western Yemen. “It appears that you [coalition members Saudi Arabia and the UAE] need to experience our missile force, which can hit any target in any [of your cities].”

He pointed out the irony that the requirements of peace are being addressed during war, which is “illogical”. Nevertheless, he noted that the Houthis are “turning a new page and working towards building our country.” According to the Houthi leader, for example, they are now producing 1,818 different medicines, whereas in 2017 they could only produce 38.”

For weeks, the areas controlled by the Houthis, including the capital, Sana’a, have witnessed severe tension with calls for the salaries of employees to be paid. Payments have been suspended for years. The Houthis describe this as a “conspiracy” and accused those calling for the salaries of “stirring strife and conspiracies and working in favour of the American schemes.”

Source : Middle East Monitor

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