Nigerians keep watch for vote’s outcome after delays

Some Nigerians stood watch at their polling stations as counting got under way late Saturday (Feb. 25).

Others, cast their ballots after a day of delays in the country’s general elections, amid fears of vote tampering.

For the first time this year Nigeria’s election results will be transmitted electronically to headquarters in Abuja, a step official say will reduce voter fraud.

However, Emeka Nwayanwy, a voter in Abuja was not convinced by efforts by the electoral Commission INEC: “With the situation we have, it goes a long way to question the credibility behind the activities of INEC.”

“Because we have been told prior to now, that election will be done devoid of hitches and the result would be transmitted electronically.”

In addition to logistics issues, other  glitches marred the process.

Delays and attacks

If voting was largely peaceful on election day, there were fears of violence from Islamic militants in the north to separatists in the south.

And the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission confirmed an attack in the nation’s north-east.

“I want to report that the military has confirmed that it was an 81-millimetre mortar attack on two facilities, including a filling station near INEC office,” he said during a press conference to give updates on the vote. 

“But no damage to INEC facilities and no casualties,” he added. “Some people are injured and are in hospital, we wish them a speedy recovery.”

Mahmood Yakubu also said voting would continue late into the evening in places that had recorded violence but now have an adequate security presence.

Several Lagos polling booths were ransacked. INEC confirmed voting at 141 polling units in Bayelsa would take place on Sunday (Feb. 26) after the ballot was disrupted there.

Source : Africa News

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