President of Eritrea: US Panic Seeing Africa’s Relations with Russia

Russia will be able to mobilize support for ending the US-led unipolar global order of harassment, demonization and containment if it has taken the necessary steps beforehand. The claim was made by the President of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki. The leader expressed his strong disapproval of the prevailing “law of the jungle” in an exclusive interview with Russia Today.

“No one is happy about this state of affairs. This is a unipolar state, using every weapon, tool to intimidate, sabotage and even detain everyone is unacceptable to anyone,” Afwerki said as quoted by Russia Today, Tuesday (6/6/2023). Eritrea has consistently opposed resolutions against Russia in four separate votes held at the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council. That includes rejecting a vote aimed at condemning Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

When asked why his country did not support a UN resolution to blame Russia for its position in Ukraine, Afwerki said Eritrea would not support an ideology of “hegemony” and repression.

“We are in a situation where one group of hegemonistic powers, NATO led by Washington, has declared war on humanity and humanity has the right to defend itself. And Russia has the right to defend itself.

We do not accept any hegemonistic strategies or declarations condemning Russia,” said Afwerki. He argued that the conflict in Ukraine was a scheme against Russia, with Washington aiming to undermine and sabotage Moscow’s development in every aspect by using sanctions.

Reflecting on Eritrea’s own experience, Afwerki recalled the nine years of sanctions imposed on his country, claiming they were unjustified and based on a false “lie” from the US that Asmara supported a terrorist organization.

According to Afwerki, despite the economic, infrastructure and environmental damage, the sanctions have taught valuable lessons. As a result, Eritrea is now even more determined to forge partnerships with countries around the world to break free from the cycle of sanctions and build a better future.

He said his government was looking for ways to expand bilateral relations with Russia that go far beyond cooperation in transport and expand to an integrated approach. Speaking at the upcoming Russia-Africa Summit scheduled in St.

Petersburg in July, Afwerki believes the meeting will be part of a dynamic to chart a path and develop mechanisms to end Western domination. “We need to work together to create a new environment that is different from what we see now. Unipolar domination, detention, sabotage, sanctions, we have to get out of this circle,” he said.

Source : Sindo News

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